Hair Care

Complete Guide to Men Hair Care Routine

Good hair leaves a good impression – the same is believed by men who are very particular about their hair. For men hair to look good, there has to be a good hair care routine that nourishes the hair and helps them to stay effortlessly stylish.

In earlier times men hair care routine used to have just a strong shampoo and a hard wax that’s all, but now men are going further & are interested in healthy & stylish hair resulting in a wide variety of hair products for men in the market.

Keeping in view, the wide variety of hair products for men, it is very important to choose the ones that are safe for mens hair, as hair is the one accessory that can not be taken off when it’s not in good shape.

So, the right hair product is integral for desired results.

But choosing the right hair products for men is a challenge amid the wide variety and volume of hair products. Sometimes it is a search that lasts a lifetime, or till hair start falling out. This hit and trial process is an ordeal process & is a waste of money and damages the hair also.

Did you ever try your favorite celebrity hairstyle but never achieved the desired results? The reason could be a mismatch between your hairy type and the product selected. Therefore a selection of the right product is very important- but worry time is over, we are here to guide you about the different types of hair products for men, from which you can choose according to your hair type.

Shaba’s branded hair products are selected after careful scrutiny so that you have perfect hair products for your valuable hair. The hair products for men at Shaba specifically targets rough and tough hair needs.

There are numerous products in each category & all of the hair products except Hair Colours comprise natural ingredients such as coconut milk, argon oil, coffee, almonds, and many more. Our products are majorly focused on avoiding chemical damage and offering nourishment to men hair.

The product categories include:

1. Shampoos

We offer a wide range of shampoos that moisturize and rejuvenate men’s hair & are free of Parabens and Sulphates. These shampoos are made of organic ingredients i-e coconut milk, argon oil, olive oil, aloe vera etc. & address various men’s hair problems like hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, dry and itchy scalp and leave hair soft and smooth, and scalp clean and itch-free.

2. Conditioners

After washing your face you need a moisturizer to lock in the moisture, similarly, you just can’t leave hair after shampooing, conditioner is a must for hair softening and frizz prevention. Keeping in view the significance of conditioner in a healthy hair care routine for men we have a range of organic ingredients-based conditioners that nourish, sooth, and reduce static after wash.

3. Hair oils

Hair oils are one of the most important hair products for men, which not only hold the natural moisture and shine of the hair.

To name a few we organic have Coconut oil, Argon oil olive oil, castor oil, poppyseed oil, jasmine oil, almond oil, and black seed oil. Sesame oil, Nee Oil, etc.  Using our men’s hair shampoos and nutrients rich conditioners & massaging your scalp with one of these organic oils will nourish & leave your hair healthy, smooth, and easily manageable/styled.

4. Men Hair styling products 

Our hair care range does not end at Hair oils, rather we have a range of men hair styling products ranging from Pomade, wax, hair gel, and hair sprays to men hair colors. These products provide a texture, hold, volume & style to your hair all day long & are perfect for outdoor, clubwear, or office. The wax, gel & Pomade not only provided texture and hold to the hair but since they contain a variety of organic ingredients also add elasticity, remove dandruff and fight split ends.